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Big Sky Cad


Design/detailing including but not limited to the following:

Sheet metal
Simple flat components, sealed electronics enclosures, modular training consoles, 19” rack chassis and 19” rack units.

Simple spacers, knobs, small mechanisms, close fit fully GTOL’d equipment chassis in INCONEL 714 for oil and gas exploration.

Investment cast 19” rack chassis, high pressure die cast screened electronics chassis.

Injection moulded telephone and handset including buttons, vacuum formed covers.

Welded fabrication
Test equipment, detailing of large scale fabrications such as lock gates and movable bridges.

Cable drawings
For individual cables or cable looms including, if required, wiring tables.

Reverse engineering
Record and detail products for which no drawings exist. Final drawing set can include manufacturing drawings, fully detailed assembly & sub-assembly drawings, items lists, wiring diagrams and assembly instruction.

Studies using both of these processes utilising Solidworks own package, although this is not currently included in Solidworks® Professional.

2D to 3D conversion
Taking customer supplied 2D drawings and creating 3D CAD models from which 2D drawings can be produced to replace and be verified by the original 2D drawings.